Never have customers been more demanding of great food and service. Our initiatives bring innovation and variety to our restaurants; from unique coffee brands and pop ups to wellbeing, baking and more.


Down to Earth

Our flavours, our passion, our pleasure.

Bringing together exceptional beans with passion and honesty, Down To Earth is for the discerning customer who embraces great taste and value. With earthy tones and a relevant design to stand the test of time; demanding great never tasted so good.

Coffee Society

Share the passion, savour the taste.

Created through a shared passion for great tasting, handcrafted coffee, Coffee Society celebrates all the joy and nostalgia of those personal, feel good moments we’ve all experienced. Many of us start our day with a boost – that extra shot latte or Americano; but our Coffee Society encourages much, much more than this.


Feast is all about your customers enjoying a variety of dishes for a bundle price.

Falafel is fantastically diverse, quick to make and great value for money. Authentic street food at its best.

The Mexican Kitchen has been designed to offer our customers a vibrant, flexible, fast and fun dining option

Hound Dog is a new range of Gourmet Hot Dogs made from 98% Pork (or Beef) and packed with tasty toppings (some we are sure you have never tried).

American inspired Rib and BBQ offers are exploding all over the global street food scene at the moment.

Pop Pies offer a range of pies to suit all tastes and all budgets, be they traditional or fashionable, thrifty or tremendous.

Imagine setting the scene of a wood fired oven, the smell of a blistering, crisp dough bursting with the smell of the best ingredients… is great!